Skullcap Tube Water Pipe

Brace yourself for this intriguing character water pipe. Decked out with a skull bell percolator, our Skullcap Tube will be a hard-hitting addition to any glass collection. 

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If you need a heady water pipe for your collection, this is your literal answer. The smoke first is pulled through a removable, glass-on-glass diffuser downstem into the aquachamber. Then the smoke travels up to the skull shaped bell percolator where the smoke is filtered again to smooth out the flavor and reduce harshness. You can choose between white and green colors for the skull percolator. The aquachamber is striped and fumed. The neck is adorned with fumed ridges and miniature skulls to complete the profile. Comes with bowl.


Height 15.75(in)
Mouth Piece Diameter 40(mm)
Joint Size 14.4(mm)
Joint Type Female
Width 7.09(in)