Simple Frit Straight Tube


Sweet and Simple. A great glass water pipe for the laid back smoker. 

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This water pipe doesn’t wow you with color, or keep your eyes busy with shape and design. What it will do is be exactly what you need, every time that you need it. At about 8” tall you can hit it in your living room, or set out in search of a new favorite spot. This pipe utilizes a 14mm female joint and a disc frit perc that will filter your smoke; before heading up the straight tube, and down into your lungs. The frit disk also acts as a splash guard, helping to keep the water in the pipe and not your mouth. This is the daily use pipe that your glass collection has been lacking!


Height 8.66(in)
Mouth Piece Diameter 33(mm)
Color Clear
Joint Size 14.4(mm)
Joint Type Female
Width 4.33(in)