Astral Stash Recycler


The implosion marble flowers on our Astral Stash Recycler gives this glass pipe a bit of class. 

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This glass pipe demonstrates the newest innovation in functional design and tasteful styling. The vapor is first pulled down a fluted downstem into a slit perc diffuser. Here the smoke is diffused through the water, which condenses the vapor and smooths out the hit. Next, the water and vapor are drawn into the recycling chamber. The water is siphoned away from the smoke and returned back to the aquachamber to saturate the percolator. This prevents the flavor from getting "stale" and reduces oily buildup in the water. The vapor is pulled through the jet black neck and mouthpiece. Three green and white implosion flower marbles accent the body. Although it comes with a bowl for dry herb, the design of this pipe is also great for legal concentrates and essential oils. 


Height 7.48(in)
Mouth Piece Diameter 5(mm)
Color Black accents
Joint Size 14.4(mm)
Joint Type Male
Width 5.12(in)